If you’re satisfied with the appearance of every room in your home, you may not need to read further—as a matter of fact, please send us pictures and tips! But for most of us, when it comes to our interior spaces, there’s room for improvement, or at least opportunity for refinement and new inspiration.   

Our homes are just as much a personal statement as the clothes we wear and the cars we drive. The choices we make in paint, furniture, artwork, colors and decoration reveal a lot about our personal style, personality and attitudes. And when we invite people into our home, we’re  doing more than just entertaining, we’re offering a glimpse of who we are and how we see ourselves.  

So does your home truly reflect you? Have you chosen furniture that you love or are you just trying to match the hand-me-down style you inherited? Are the colors in your rooms ones that thrill you or were they there when you moved in? If cost wasn’t an issue, how would your ideal home look?  

It’s never too late to show your rooms some love. Here are some inspiring photos to help you get started reimagining your home’s interiors. For even more ideas, check out our inspiration galleries.   

This bedroom is bold and calming at the same time. The dramatic headboard gives the room a point of view while the refined color palette and streamlined accessories create balance and serenity. Designed by Beth Dotolo, NEST Interior Design, Dallas.

Masculine yet classic, charcoal grey sets the mood for this room furnished with Ekornes upholstery.

Fresh. The personality of this room from Century Furniture is crisp, fresh and memorable.

Full of softness and sunshine, this bedroom from Stanley Furniture encourages lazy Saturdays and sleeping in.



Ultimately romantic, this toile-covered daybed from Pierre Deux shows the feminine side of furniture.